The ‘hardworking’ John Leech MP and his team of unpaid interns

InternsIts hard work, this politics malarkey – just ask John Leech. The Lib Dem MP for Withington placed four ads on W4MP on Monday advertising for a small army of interns to help him get through the day. The ads proclaimed just how hard the Lib Dem spokesman for Culture, Media and Sport works and stressed the strong role he plays in championing all of his constituents.

In fact, Mr Leech is such a strong champion of the good people of south Manchester that he wants four of them to work for between three months and a year on zero pay.

Leech, who makes a minimum of £65,738 per year as an MP, is advertising for a Campaigns Intern, Casework Intern, Research Intern and a Diary, Fundraising, Press and Communication Intern. Incredibly, the latter will be tasked with raising money for Leech to spend on communicating with constituents.

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Getting a job in Parliament: Tips for your CV

Regardless of where you are applying for a job, your CV is the single most important weapon in your armour. This is especially true if you are applying for a job with an MP. Unlike starting a career with a bank or with a council, there is no human resources department to handle the recruitment process. It is often down to the office manager or researcher to go through the CVs and make a decision about who to put through to the next stage (the MP probably wont see your CV until the interview ). It is unlikely that whoever is making a decision will read through every word on every CV – they will skim read and look for reasons to take the application seriously. Given the already considerable pressures on a researcher’s time (and the fact that a typical job in Parliament will easily attract between 150 and 200 applications), your CV has to stand out. Continue reading