Anti-Slavery Day 2011 – Ask Your MP to Support EDM 2257

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There are up to 30 million people around the world – including thousands in Britain – that remain enslaved today. Academics such as Kevin Bale suggest that there are more slaves today than at any other point in history. Tuesday, 18th October, 2011 will mark the UK’s Anti-Slavery Day and the European Union’s Anti-Trafficking Day. Mark Hendrick MP today tabled Early Day Motion 2257 in the House of Commons that sought to draw attention to Anti-Slavery and that called upon the government to take a more pro-active stance in the fight against slavery. If you would like your MP to support the motion, please write to them using the information before.

How do I find out who my MP is?

It’s easy. Simply enter your postcode here to find out their name: Their email address will be: Alternatively, do a google search and their website will have a contact email address.

What is an Early Day Motion (EDM)?

An EDM is a motion that Members of Parliament can sign to get something debated in the House of Commons. It is very rare that any motion is successful. In reality, they are used by MPs to demonstrate support or objection on a particular subject. The more signatures an EDM gets then more successful it is seen and the profile of the subject rises.

What does EDM 2257 say?

“That this House stands together on Tuesday, 18th October, 2011 to mark the United Kingdom’s Anti-Slavery Day and the European Union’s Anti-Trafficking Day; notes with profound regret that far from being resigned to the history books, slavery is still a major problem with at least twelve million people around the world enslaved today according to a United Nation’s estimate; further notes that the actual number of people that are enslaved is likely to be far greater; recognises that slavery is still a problem in the United Kingdom, with domestic servitude and forced prostitution being amongst the most common forms of slavery found in this country; further notes that greater steps need to be taken to ensure that the London 2012 Olympic Games do not provide opportunities for criminals to enslave and traffick more people into the United Kingdom; and calls on the government to take a pro-active approach to tackling the issue of slavery and human trafficking both at home and abroad.”

What should I say when I email my MP?

To save time, you can use the following template. Please note, it is important to include your address. The only reason this needs to be included is so that the MP knows you are one of their constituents.

Dear [MP’s name]

I am one of your constituents and I am writing to kindly ask you to support and sign EDM 2257 for Anti-Slavery Day 2011. Despite the slave trade being outlawed in Britain for over 200 years, thousands of vulnerable people are trafficked into the UK every year. In addition, the UN estimates that over 12 million people around the world are slaves. This means more slaves exist today than they did at the height of the trans-Atlantic slave trade in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Please register your support against slavery and human trafficking by signing EDM 2257.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

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